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Glenn Keeley

Act Type: Magician, children's entertainment
Suitable For: Birthday Function, Children’s Entertainment, Christmas Event, Club Event, Cocktail Party, Corporate Event, Dining/Restaurant Event, Engagement Party, Festival, Fundraising Event, Hotel/Club Entertainment, School Event,
Music Genre: N/A
Based In: Wollongong
Influence: N/A


Glenn Keeley

Forget all the crusty old top hat and tailed “rabbit tuggers” you’ve ever seen before…Fasten your seat belts and just hang on…This is crazy comedy conjuring at its very best!!!

Glenn doesn’t just fool his audience, he makes them laugh…heck, he almost makes them cry!!! With a quick wit and sparkling personality he sends your mind boggling one moment and your sides splitting the next!!!

Glenn is one of Australia’s top audience participation specialists. As he enlists the help of his spectators, the victims…sorry, volunteers find themselves in all manner of hilarious situations guaranteed to have the crowd rolling with laughter.

International success has seen Glenn amaze and amuse audiences all around the world at conventions, corporate functions, clubs, resorts, and on countless TV shows and cruise liners, making him an in demand “magicomedian” at home and abroad!

Glenn is equally at home with the kids… In a whirl of colour and action Glenn presents a fast paced show of magical madness featuring audience participation, live animals and crazy comedy guaranteed to keep the youngsters amused.

Throughout the show he appears to be getting everything oh so wrong… But the kids are quick to set him straight! They won’t let him get away with anything!!! After lots of fun and laughter Glenn finally gets it right … The magic works and the kids scream with delight!

From Pre-school or Kindergarten shows, crafted to suit the toddlers to something special for older children and teenagers at club presentations, Christmas parties or family days…Glenn has a show for every age and occasion.


Glenn Keeley - Magical Comedian - Agents from Glenn on Vimeo.

Glenn Keeley's crazy kids shows! from Glenn on Vimeo.

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