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Isaac Lewis

Isaac Lewis

Isaac Lweis is a Western Sydney based fingerstyle acoustic guitarist inspired by Australian idols such as John Butler and Tommy Emmanuel. Isaac began playing guitar at the age of 6 and played in his first band at 12, they went on to play at 2013 Youth Rock and many local community events. 

Music Genre: Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitarist
Influence: Tommy Emmanuel
Current Hometown: Camden


In 2014 Isaac began an adventurous journey as a solo instrumentalist playing one of his first performances supporting Wes Carr. Isaac learnt his technical abilities from Australian idol, Tommy Emmanuel who met Isaac later in 2014. 

Since starting fingerstyle guitar in 2014 he has now played many performances such as local festival Camden Shorts, Camden Cultural Festival and 2016 Fishers Gig. Isaac has released his debut single Outbreak with worldwide radio airplay. 

In recent times Isaac Lewis has been working behind the scenes produce music for many local western Sydney artists including The Shang, Ayden Reeves and Handful of Thorns! You are most likely to catch Isaac Lewis behind the decks at a local bar playing everything from Oldschool/Newschool RnB and House! Isaac Lewis is also a guitar teacher at Utopia Music, has MC’d community events and volunteers at a local commercial radio station, C91.3 once a week. He is passionate and dedicated to all styles of music and musicians which has led him to start and run his own Western Sydney based record label, Waratah Records.



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