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Jemma Beech

Jemma Beech

Jemma Beech Small town country girl Jemma Beech is an aspiring artist of Australian Country Music, whose high-energy and heart felt performances never fail to impress. Performing since a young age it was evident Jemma was to excel in any chosen career, but to have found a love and deep passion for Country music Jemma is sure to do wonders on her journey through life.

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Jemma’s introduction to Country Music was by her mother (Sandy Beech) whom recently been listening to Artists such as Trisha Yearwood & Faith Hill on the country music radio stations around the early 90’s. Since then Country Music has been a big part of Jemma and her Mum Sandy’s life as it was their favourite genre of music. Watching western movies like ‘Calamity Jane’ starring Doris Day were Jemma’s favourite films growing up. Her Influences include artists such as Loretta Lyn, Johnny Cash, Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Amber Lawrence and Kasey Musgraves. Jemma’s parents had just bought her a Maton Electric Acoustic Guitar for her fifteenth birthday and without a single guitar lesson Jemma picked up the guitar and played a couple of simple chords which played the tune of ‘Horse with no name by America’. It was then decided to head off to the iconic Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2008, where it was the very first time for Jemma. A lady by the name of Tracey Adams had approached Jemma (after speaking with her dad first) asking if she would like to sing and play her new guitar on the outdoor stage and The Oasis pub. This was also the very first time playing guitar and singing on stage. It was at that moment Jemma found a connection with the stage and herself. Songwriting from the moment she started playing guitar, one of the very first songs, was helped by her uncle Greg whom plays guitar, was a dedication to Jemma’s grandmother for her birthday. It was then songs about boy crushes and teenage struggles, something very common in 15-16 year olds. As Jemma grew older so did her writing, one of her most prized songs ‘Sisterly Love’ recorded by Simon Johnson at Hillbilly Hut was a track on the ‘JeMelia’ EP and it was selected by a few different radio stations to be played, for example Ray Hadley’s show. Competing in Country Music Talent Quests all over New South Wales in regions such as the South Coast, Mid North Coast, Central and Southern Tablelands, Jemma learnt what it was like to be on the ‘talent quest circuit’ and soon after was a finalist in Queensland's Champion of Champions with old duet partner Amelia Richards, now known in duet NEILLYRICH. With experience and confidence Jemma then applied for CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music in 2010, where she was successfully accepted. Since graduated from the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music in July 2010, Jemma gained new skills and connections within the Australian Country music industry. Jemma Beech and Amelia Richards formed a Duet named JeMelia. Together they both excelled quickly and produced their first EP in early 2011. It was an experience of a life time, the duet could not have asked for more. Learning and dealing with all the inside work of a professional recording studio and CD at the young age of 16 and 17 years. JeMelia were in ‘take-off’ mode. Jemma then decided to take a step back from pursuing her dream so she could be by the side of her mother Sandy whom was diagnosed with breast cancer late 2011. It was a devastating and hard chapter in their lives but with great progress of treatment, the outcome was successful. Within this time Jemma became an Apprentice in Beauty Therapy and is now a Diploma Qualified Beauty Therapist which has meshed well with her creative and friendly personality. As time rolled by Jemma started to perform and write songs again and suddenly realised her spirit and passion for music had returned and even better then before as she was at a different stage in her life. Already reconnecting with musicians of way-back-when, Jemma is looking forward to co-writing with her old buddies. Jemma recently graduated from the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music which took place January 3rd 2015 (Tamworth, NSW) then for the 6th time Jemma attended the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Rubbing shoulders with some of the best in the Industry and learning their great ways for becoming a successful Artist of Country Music. This course was an amazing opportunity and an incredible experience for Jemma which has and will continue to take Jemma to the next level in her music career. While at the Academy Jemma’s Mentor Lyn Bowtell (2015 Golden Guitar Winner ‘Best Alternative Country Album’) had said to her to start thinking about what is happening in this moment of her life and to write a song about it. Well two days before the Graduation concert Jemma produced a song even the director Peter Winkler loved and so Jemma performed it for the graduation. Song titled ‘The Other Side of Me’, a song written so personally, Jemma couldn't help but pour her heart and soul into it and does an outstanding job of delivering it to the audiences. For this young and refreshed Country music singer/ songwriter the road ahead looks promising.


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